2018 September 26

Project activities and results

Mentors network

Create and developed the cross border network of the qualified mentors, ready to support youth entrepreneurship and cross border business. More than 20 mentors were selected and trained during the project implementation. After the project end, Mentors become members of BONUS model.  Mentors list

Mentors guide and tools to be used for mentoring.

There is still a posibility for other experts to join the network. Register!

Inovators competition

Young Innovators teams consist of pupils and students of high schools, vocational (16-18 years old) were created. A common objective assigned for all Teams participating in competition – to produce demandable product at minimal cost, using the border region operating industrial companies low-value raw materials (raw waste).


Business support model BONUS LT-LV

Business and entrepreneurship support model BONUS LT-LV was created. It should work as sustainable motivation tool for border region business companies to be active in entrepreneurship development activities. Business could be involved in a role of the mentor, shearing experience, technical base or providing low value materials and expertise. For these entrepreneurship development initiatives business companies will collect BONUS. The collected bonuses later could be changed into the business support services provided by research institutions, experts/consultants, business support institutions, local municipalities, etc.


Innovation platform

It web based instrument for communication in the initiation phase of the innovation and cross border business. The platform allow to implement BONUS model and communicate/search partners, investors, ideas, etc.

Cross border youth business leaders

More than 20 trainers able to present information related the Neighbours country business environment and cross border business management skills were trained. Trainer guide was prepared and is available for futher use for economy teachers and young enterpreneurs.


VIDEO lessons:


Link to the Programme website www.latlit.eu

Link to the official EU website www.europa.eu

This Project is Partially Funded by European Union