2018 September 26


Name COUNTRY Inovation
Fenix eyes Lithuania Filtration and separation of pure carbon from molecules and ashes from waste incineration. The carbon molecules are placed on the HTHP press and within a reasonable time period (depending on the equipment), industrial diamonds and diamond plates are grown.
Tegu degu Lithuania Filtration and separation of pure carbon from molecules and ashes from waste incineration. The carbon molecules are placed on the HTHP press and within a reasonable time period (depending on the equipment), industrial diamonds and diamond plates are grown.
Sveikučiai Lithuania Healthy snacks made from fruit and berries.
Second touch Lithuania One-of-a-kind accessories from leather secondary materials, integrating students with disabilities in production process.
Warm lt Lithuania Exercise books which will be eco – friendly, will have motivating phrases, two margins, enough space for a note on the cover, and at the bottom of exercise book will be mentioned zodiac signs which will grab customers attention.
Antras gyvenimas Lithuania Recreate products into decorations.
Erdegati Lithuania iGloves
White bears Lithuania “Bag holder” – Does not press your hand when you carry more bags. Bag holder is more convenient to carry them.
Mios Lithuania „Memory Light“ is an unique, stylish lamp that uses old shoes.
Barbe Lithuania A layout to form a beard. It is made from recycled wood or plastic. In a few minutes with a razor and Barbe you can groom your beard as you want and make it perfect.
The reflection Lithuania Reflectors
Lucky fox Lithuania Creative sets for creation and decoration of vases produced using the secondary raw materials.
Eco box Lithuania Use decaying organic waste to generate gas and compost.
Clean eraser Lithuania Our product is orientated in compactness and quality, so it will help to assure convenient shoe cleaning.
Stercus Lithuania Electric domestic composting boxes for kitchen waste recycling.
Mini boss school Lithuania Fertilizers made of sapropel (sludge).
Creative box Lithuania Using secondary raw material (pressed cardboard) created transformable, inexpensive, various designs’ school lockers.
Baltic sun Lithuania Travel toothbrush integrated with a small toothpaste tube.
Tiesiai pro šalį Lithuania Transformed shoe laces into skid protection.
Brush Brush Lithuania With our brush people will brush their teeth the right time and properly. Also using our app people/user will get the chance to get recommendation from the dentists.
Spyris Lithuania Field hockey sport shoes that has additional protection areas that protect against severe injury to the players foot.
Jonvabalis Lithuania Dark-lighting socks with LED bulbs that can be washed in a washing machine.
Smart sofa Lithuania SMART PUFAS – functional furniture produced from secondary materials.
KRUG Lithuania Vertical image of live plants. It is a wooden frame made of used euro pallets with a custom capillary watering system and an original flower arrangement.
Lietuviški ilgieji Lithuania Comfort Table on sofa armchair
Domus Acceptum Creations Lithuania Production of power banks, that make energy from solar cells.
NewBornBox Latvia Newborn treasure box- Using this box young parents can save memories (hair, photos, tooth etc.) which will remind them about their new born baby. It will be made very personally for each parents. That’s why it will be very unique.
Disclose yourself Latvia It is diary where you can express youngster’s thoughts, fantasies and dreams. Each page have their unique idea and person who is using this product can find something interesting what can motivate, calm down and relax them. Even there is bad or good days – you can share it very personally.
Colrex Latvia Coloring book.
w-glases Latvia Wooden glasses. Ecological and practical. Handmade product. Latvia is very green country, that’s why we should popularize our natural treasures and keep it original.
Do what you need Latvia Diary which has motivational quotes in every page. Useful for youngsters who are into sports. It’s not predictable – in sports you never know what can happen. Also, sometimes youngsters don’t see results immediately, that’s why this diary will help them to keep going on and reach their goals.
Case+ Latvia Beautiful and representative souvenirs for Daugavpils city, who will attract more attention for tourists. It’s very important how the city looks threw foreigners eyes. It should leave a taste of real feelings. That’s why we will provide the best and interesting photos of our city, to make proud also Daugavpils citizens.
Live Latvia Multifunctional box making for animals. While animal is alive, you can collect there a things for memories. After animal will pass away, you can burry him in this box with all the stuff what was so important during his lifetime.
MiS Latvia Art pieces made with thermos colors. It’s very innovative for Daugavpils city and Latgale region. We also can do a portraits, that’s why it will became more personal and people will see it as a perfect gift for their friends and family.

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