What is the task?

The participants of the competition will have a task – to develop a product idea and implement it by using low-value raw materials. Low-value raw materials are waste resulting from production (wood, metal, leather cuttings, etc.).

How the competition will be implemented?

The competition will be implemented in accordance to this plan:

Innovators teams selection

2017 June

The opening event of the „Innovators“ competition. (WEB based)

2017 September

Thematic meetings with mentors. There is foreseen to organize up to 64 thematic meeting (8 regions * 8 meetings) in the regions

2017 September – 2018 April

Online mentoring and consultations

2017 September – 2018 April

Thematic international Camps of Innovators

2018 February

International expositions in Kaunas and Daugavpils.

2018 April – May

What help will be provided during the competition?

Mentors will assist teams in finding a suitable technical solution the implementation of ideas, as well as preparing a business plan for a product presentation to investors or clients.

Business organizations attracted by participants or the organizers of the competition – the patron of teams, will give low-value materials and provide practical advice on product development time.

Vocational schools, colleges or specialized laboratory camps of technology will provide the possibilities to produce product prototypes.

Who can participate?

Pupils from Utena, Panevėžys, Šiauliai, Klaipėda, Kaunas, Latgale, Zemgale, Kuzeme regions gymnasiums and vocational schools are invited to create teams and register for competition. We support to invite pupils from collages also. The team should consist of 3 members. More than one team from the same school can participate.

How will the participants be selected?

The commission formed by organizers will assess project ideas.  Priority is given to the team that:

  1. The product development uses more types of industrial waste (eg. Metal, wood, leather, etc.) (1 point)
  2. Team has a mentor – entrepreneur at the time of application submission (1 point)

3. Team has partner (college, vocational school) with the required industrial laboratory.

How to register for the competition?

1. The applicants shall submit an application by filling in the electronic form / questionnaire. The composition of the team during the project may change, depending on the needs of the participants. The application is available in English language. Register please using this button below